Some of Dom Marrone's work as the product manager for Works with Alexa at Amazon.

Works with Alexa: 3rd party devices that can be voice-controlled with Alexa.

1. Increase Alexa + smart home purchasers
2. Grow Alexa smart home weekly active users

3 key areas of focus:
1. Use case discovery
2. Interoperability (what works with what)
3. Personalization

Interoperability [Desktop]

Use Case Discovery [Mobile]

Personalization [Desktop]

Personalization [Mobile]


Branding. Design. Development.



Hi, I'm Dom.


Currently: Student at Harvard Business School

WayScript [seed stage startup]

4 years at Amazon [Senior Product Manager]



Stir Fry

Stir Fry: Cook recipes with friends on video chat. Stir Fry makes cooking social with a unique recipe + video chat experience.

I built this site with my friend, Emma, who developed an idea for a community oriented around cooking. She brought me onboard to translate the vision into a digital product. Emma owned GTM and the business model, while I owne product and engineering. We built and tested two iterations over 6 mos.

Stir Fry was built with Webflow, Zapier, Video API, and Twilio.

Joyner : A resource for startup joiners.

I built this site after my own startup job hunt, with the hope that it will help others.

Joyner aggregates and categorizes resources for those looking to join a startup.

Unbundle YouTube

Create video content apps with four no-code tools: Glide, Google Sheets, Zapier, and WayScript.

See below for more detail and a video tutorial. I also wrote about this project on MakerPad.

This was a fun project to demonstrate prototyping with these tools. It's impressive what you can build without writing a line of code.

Before engineering (significant time and money), you can test your ideas and even start generating revenue with tools such as these. There are obvious limitations, and you should eventually build and own your technology, but it can be a great head start for your business.

Exciting times for anyone that wants to start a business!

Watch video tutorial on YouTube or below.

Intro: Project and Tools

Step 1: Initial Setup with Glide and Google Sheets

Step 2: Add New Videos with Zapier

Step 3: Update View Counts with WayScript

Step 4: Style and Finish Application in Glide

Jest Promo Built with ScreenSpace

Drip Promo Built with ScreenSpace


A simple itinerary tool for trips.

Built as a project for General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive bootcamp.

Front-end: JavaScript, React, BootstrapBack-end: Ruby, RailsGitHub


How Amazon manages Black Friday and why you should too

A process for eCommerce operators It's Thanksgiving. You're with your family and sitting on the couch - full, sleepy, and debating whether to unbuckle your jeans to relieve the pressure. As you sit back and relax, you're thankful you don't need to go anywhere tomorrow.

Dom Marrone - Unbundling YouTube without code

Hi, I'm Dom. I'm a former product manager at Amazon and currently a student at Harvard Business School. I built two apps, Drip and Jest, which are video content apps for athletes and comedians respectively. The concept is ""unbundling YouTube"".

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"Just trying to be better than yesterday's version and have fun while doing it!" Hometown: Charlotte, NC Fun Fact About Yourself: I used the summer before business school as an opportunity to go out of my comfort zone. I traveled alone for a month.

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